The Sam Mallin Podcast!

“The Sam Mallin Podcast is the best podcast I have ever read” – My Mum.

“I don’t even know what a podcache is” – My Mum later that day.

The award winning* podcast ‘The Sam Mallin Podcast’ is my weekly pop culture show where I discuss everything from video games to movies, comics to TV shows, and anything else I feel like to be quite honest. Below you can find links to each weekly show with the most recent show at the top. Alternatively you can listen to the podcast on iTunes, or here on Spotify and subscribe to the feed for when you’re on the go. Come check it out, and let’s talk about games, movies, comics, and everything else in between!

Most Recent:

Star Wars: Episode 9 Official Casting + Guardians Support James Gunn! | The Sam Mallin Podcast #7

Is the DC Extended Universe Saved? + Comic Con Trailers! – The Sam Mallin Podcast #6

Pink Mercy Raises $12.7 Million + Nier: Automata is Amazing! | The Sam Mallin Podcast #5

E3 2018 – Conference Breakdowns & Discussion | The Sam Mallin Podcast #4

Fallout 76 & E3 Predictions + Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Preview | The Sam Mallin Podcast #3

You will only find the latest five episode of the podcast listed here, however the entire podcast playlist on YouTube can be found here.

*I printed a certificate I made on PowerPoint and hung it up on my wall. If you would like proof of this industry standard, please make an official enquiry.