Yep, I podcast.

Every Tuesday: Gamer Chat.

A gaming podcast in which I pick topics from the weeks news in the world of gaming and share my thoughts and feelings on those matters before then directing the questions to you. Sometimes I’ll just take a topic at random and talk about that, so if you like the sounds of a Scottish guy in his 20’s talking about games every week, then you’re in the right place!

Sometimes there just too much news to cover that I will talk about the points that interest me the most. Alternatively sometimes there isn’t enough news for the week to make a full show so I will pick topics at random in discus them in detail. It’s a small operation at the minute, but growing every week, with a view to adding guests soon and higher quality podcasts.

You can check out the podcasts mainly on YouTube. Alternatively you can subscribe to the iTunes feed and listen to my podcasts on the go!