The Last Witch Hunter – Movie Review


Kaulder (Vin Diesel) and his rag tag bunch of Witch Hunters hunt witches cerca 1200 and succesfully kill the Witch Queen who then curses Kaulder with immortality. Fastforward 800 years later to modern day and Kaulder is still hunting withces, and now we have our movie.

Did I enjoy The Last Witch Hunter? Yes. Was it goofy at points? Yes. Overall this movie was a good “sit-back-and-throw-popcorn-in-your-face-and-not-really-pay-attention” kinda movie. First off let’s talk about Vin Diesel, he was Vin Diesel in this movie, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Vin is a movie star, he’s fun to watch and personally he always provides solid entertainment for the type of movies that he is in. The rest of the cast were decent, not great, but decent, but again that reflects on the type of movie this is. It’s not exactly among the Oscar contenders but it was a good enough action/adventure movie that appeals to both adults and kids. It was kinda creepy and scary in a few scenes which was unexpected, but pleasantly unexpected. My favourite part of the movie was definitely the first 10 minutes set in the past, an entire movie set in this time would be something I’d like to see. The transition from the past to the present was a massive and sudden jump that definitely took me out of the movie for a few seconds, and almost changed the genre and tone of the movie completely, although when I adjusted to this I was back in the groove so to speak.


The “buddy cop” relationship between Vin Diesel’s and Elijah Wood’s character was a bit stale at times, but they did have their moments that were either gold or funny. The relationship between Vin Diesel’s and Michael Cain’s character was a lot more believable, which I wanted to see more of.

The story was overall pretty simple but enjoyable, although some areas were certainly convenient for lack of a better term, and it certainly leaves it open to a sequel but at the same time sorta completes the story in those rare occasions. The CGI was overall pretty good as well with some questionable parts that were a bit “ham”, and the sets that were set in the past were great as well. Overall this is a decent movie that knows what it is. The cast deliver for the type and level of movie that is it, and the story is fun and enjoyable with some questionable areas at times. I would recommend this movie if you enjoy fun action/adventure movies that don’t need a lot of attention in order to enjoy.

Score: 3.5/5.


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