Spectre – Movie Review


James Bond is back in Spectre, a thrilling ride of action, espionage, and classy car chases. Let’s cut to the chase, I really, really enjoyed this movie. It was James Bond over the back and it felt like a James Bond movie. In my humble opinion, it wasn’t as good as Skyfall, but it was literally just under it. Skyfall is my favourite Bond movie to date, and Spectre is certainly a very close second, so much so that my list may change after I see Spectre a couple more times. I do of course have some minor gripes with the movie, which I will go into in some more details, but overall this movie delivered what I was expecting and then some. Going in after Skyfall I was a little bit hesitant that it would be another case of Quantum of Solace, but the trailers and promotional material were good, and the cast list was stellar as always. Daniel Craig has cemented himself as my favourite Bond ever, and he proves that even more in this movie. He is smooth and seducitve (like Bond should be) but also a total badass who does the signature Bond things. Christoph Waltz is also fantastic as the villian, just as he always is and gives a very creepy and tense performance. The entire movie is so tense but also so classy at the same time, and then injects the right amount of action at the right times that is pulled off to perfection.


My few gripes with the movie are some slight pacing issues, as well as the Bond song. Let me address the song first, I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all. Compared to Skyfall it is a big step down, but in the context of the movie I did prefer it a little bit more as opposed to hearing it on the radio. In terms of pacing, towards the end of Act 2 the movie does slow down a fair bit. Although still enjoyable and is more of the actial “spying” stuff, the opening and the first hour of the movie was spectacular, and the last act was also spectacular. The story was also great, and although you don’t need to have seen any of the Craig era Bonds to understand the story, seeing the previous ones does help benefit it, and ties everything up in a neat little bow that will make slightly more sense, but they have done a good job in also making it a standalone story that does not require you to invest your time in movies you haven’t seen.

You can find my video review below for more details, but wrapping things up, the new Bond movie is great. The story is fantastic, the cast all deliver great performances, the action is phenomenal, and it is genuinely a beautiful and classy movie. It does have a few pacing issues and personally the song for me was pretty bad, but overall I’d highly recommend it and will definitely be seeing it again.

Score: 4/5

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