Venom End Credit Scenes Explained!

With Venom having it’s world premiere last night, and about to hit UK cinemas from October 3rd, details of the inevitable post credit scenes have leaked online.

Spoilers ahead for Venom’s post credit scenes, not the actual movie itself.

So with most modern superhero movies, Sony’s Venom has not one, but two post credit scenes for fans to enjoy. The first isn’t directly tied to Venom, or even the Venom-verse that Sony is now trying to establish, as it is in fact a new trailer for the upcoming animated adventure: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which has since been officially released by Sony.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony (2018)

While some fans may be disappointed that this is not a tease or direct tie in to Venom, it is a pretty fantastic trailer in it’s own right, and looks to be the best Sony Spider-Man product to date.

The second post credit scene however is directly tied to Venom and the future of this universe, and finally introduces us to Cletus Kasady, who most of you will know as Carnage. It also finally confirms the rumours that Cletus Kasady, and by proxy Carnage, will be played by Woody Harrelson.

Although we don’t actually see Carnage or the Carnage symbiote, it’s somewhat exciting to know that we may finally get a live action rendition of one of Venom’s most menacing villains, regardless of how you feel about the movie or this universe as a whole.

The scene shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) continuing his life as a journalist, with his next assignment taking him to interview the infamous cereal killer Kasady in prison. Kasady then offers Brock the opportunity to hear about all the killings that he has done, and the carnage he has caused.


I know that particular line was added in for fans that aren’t as savvy with the comics, however it is a bit too much on the nose for my tastes. They might as well as had a name tag that said ‘Carnage’ on it, but again this is a rather cool confirmation, and Harrelson certainly has the acting chops to portray a cereal killing psychopath who bonds with a terrifying symbiote from outer space.

So there we have it, the two post credit scenes for Sony’s Venom. Part of me was hoping we would have a tease for the MCU, and hints of how Venom would tie in with the wider Marvel universe, if at all, however with one solid trailer and confirmation of the direction they are taking with this universe, there are certainly worse things to be worried about.

Venom Wallpaper 2

Venom will hit UK cinemas on October 3rd.

This article is in no way associated with Sony, Marvel, or Venom. 

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