Four reasons why you should be excited for Avengers: Infinity War!

With 18 movies under it’s belt so far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to release it’s next landmark instalment with Avengers: Infinity War. If you weren’t already excited enough, here are four reasons why you should book tickets now for the climax of the current MCU.

A Villain Worth our Time?


As much of a well oiled machine the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at this point, it’s no secret that it’s one weak spot has been it’s villains. With the exception of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull, and Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger, there hasn’t really been a strong villain in any of the 18 movies in the MCU to date.

Hopefully that is about to change. Ever since we were introduced to the Mad Titan way back in The Avengers, his presence has been weaved throughout the universe with either slight mentions, or small appearances, teasing fans more and more of the inevitable clash with our heroes. He has a mission, he has focus, and he will stop at nothing to achieve this, which also includes killing as many of our heroes as required with just a snap of his fingers.

From what we have seen so far up until this point, including all Infinity War marketing, it looks like we will have a villain worthy of our time. All this, plus the inclusion of the Black Order, should hopefully keep us scared, excited, and anxious come April 26th.

An Ensemble Cast


It is reported that there is a staggering 76 characters set to make an appearance in Infinity War, which can only be a logistical nightmare on set. Of course not all cast members will be in every single scene together, some of which may never share the screen, but the idea of Spider-Man having to choose between his favourite uncles (Iron Man or Start Lord) to Captain America and gang taking up residence in Wakanda is beyond exciting.

I think my most anticipated grouping may be Thor meeting up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, or perhaps the science bros. recruiting Doctor Strange and Wong to the fold, or perhaps Cap and Bucky finally reuniting following the events of Civil War.

Whoever your favourite heroes may be, you can be sure that they will be meeting some new faces, and some old, that will certainly make for some cinematic and comic book history.

The Directors

Marvel Studios' "Thor: The Dark World," "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" And "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Red Carpet - Comic-Con International 2013

Following the titanic ensemble that was The Avengers, the majority of fans praised Joss Whedon for his vision and execution of the movie, and rightfully so. How could another director (or directors) take the reigns from Joss and make an Avengers movie to the same level as the first?

Enter the Russo Brothers.

The Russo Brother took some of the best Captain America comic arcs and transitioned them beautifully onto the big screen. With The Winter Solider, and Civil War (Avengers 2.5) making their way to the MCU, Captain America has arguably the best trilogy out of any of the main roster.

Now with Joe and Anthony Russo behind the wheel for Infinity War and the yet untitled Avengers 4, it’s safe to assume that these movies will be delivered to the same standard as The Winter Soldier and Civil War. They have a solid understanding of the source material, and seem to have found a almost perfect balance between honouring this, but also injecting enough changes to keep the fans happy, but also surprised.

Ten Years in the Making

The First 10 Years

The idea of seeing all of these heroes and villains share the big screen was once a fleeting dream in the eyes of the fans. Then came a valiant first entry with Iron Man back in 2008 with a post credit stinger alluding to a wider universe.

Ever since Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury crept his way into Tony Stark’s home and name dropped The Avengers Initiative, the MCU has been on a non stop streak, improving year on year with only minor missteps along the way, arguably. Each movie building on the last, extending this universe to the other side of the galaxy and beyond, only to bring the threat of universal destruction back to Earth.

With each new entry into the MCU fans eagerly awaited the post credit scenes to see how it all tied together, and whether or not we will get a glimpse of our next adventure, or a callback to other heroes that have never shared the big screen before. The fact that all of these movies, one shots, post credit snippets and reference are accumulating in only a few days, is an absolute unprecedented wonder in the world of cinema, the likes we have never seen before and never see again to such a degree.

With the full release of Infinity War only a few days away, there are many more reasons to be excited and book your tickets, and I for one certainly cannot wait.

Avengers: Infinity War is set for wide release in the UK on Thursday the 26th April.

This article is in no way associated with Marvel, Marvel Studios or the Avengers.

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