Black Panther First Reactions show that Marvel are on to Another Winner!

The next installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes us to the mysterious and technologically advanced word of Wakanda in Black Panther, and if the early reactions from the movie’s premiere are anything to go by, we are in for a wonderful journey indeed.

Black Panther held it’s premiere on Monday the 29th January, and the lucky folk that were in attendance have shared their first, albeit brief, reactions to the movie.

Even though this is only a handful of reactions, and some from those involved within the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself, these do get me excited.

It’s safe to say that Black Panther has been one of Marvels most hyped and anticipated movies in a long time. The trailers showed us a glimpse of the world we had not seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with very different flavours and tone from previous installments, all while reminding us that it is a superhero movie set in this vast universe of characters.

I already had my ticket booked for opening night, but these initial responses have got me so much more excited than I ever thought I could be.

This is set to be a landmark movie in the MCU, introducing a new side of the universe that will hopefully leave us wanting more.

Black Panther is set to release on February 13th in the UK and February 16th in the States.

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