Final Fantasy XV Glitch allows access to second unfinished, open world area!

The following article will contain some spoilers for later sections of Final Fantasy XV.

As great as a game Final Fantasy XV was, it certainly left a lot of people a little unsatisfied or let down by certain parts of the game. The latter half certainly narrowed down from an open world epic to a more linear adventure, and many gamers weren’t the biggest fans of the later chapters in terms of gameplay.

The story held up for sure, and the ending was pretty satisfying (albeit there is room for improvement), but chapters 9 – 13 were certainly the least popular of the bunch, as gamers clambered for more open world.

Well thanks to Fotm Hero and those beautiful lil things we call glitches, a massive second area of the game has been discovered, that is all but complete. In the hour long video, Fotm Hero explores Niflheim, another massive location in Final Fantasy XV that we only have the pleasure of viewing from a train window in the latter half of the game. What’s a shame though is that it seems pretty well fleshed out, with different locations, a train station, drivable roads, the only thing missing is the monsters and a fine lick of polish.

This just goes to show that this game needed a little bit more time, it seems that the second half of the game could have played out in a similar fashion, but in a more open world capacity, and with different aspects of the story being discovered.

For example the area where Prompto falls from the train is explorable, the area where Noct is on the phone to Ignis after the fall is explorable, and a whole range of different locations.

Who knows, perhaps it was originally cut due to time constraints, but will be implemented in some sort of future DLC? We are supposed to be getting additional story chapters with different playable characters, so this would make sense. It sucks that the developers didn’t have enough time to implement this into the final game, but if they can manage to mould that into some form of decent, story based DLC, then I’ll take that as well.

The question is however, what do YOU think about this? Let me know in the comment below, or hit me up on Twitter at any time.

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