Four reasons why you should be excited for Resident Evil 7!

The next main instalment in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7 funnily enough, is right around the corner, and you should definitely be getting excited right about now. If you’re not excited I’m going to do my very best to change that, by giving you FOUR whole reasons to get excited.

Sure there are several reason why you should be looking forward to Capcoms next zombie epic, but these four should hopefully get your hype meter going a little bit.

1: Resident Evil in first person.

Traditionally, the Resident Evil franchise has made us terrified to turn our lights off at night through the third person perspective. Whether that’s from a fixed camera position in the earlier games, or an over the shoulder experience, this has been the go to formula for the series. Resident Evil 7 is about to change all of that as it drops us into a more horrifying, immersive and beautiful first person perspective.

The simple change from third to first person completely changes the Resident Evil experience, which should make you more scared to peek around a corner or nudge out a doorway. There’s no hiding from zombies by looking round the corner with the camera anymore, you’re now expected to face your fears and jump in head first.

This is one of the features I’m looking forward to the most, and especially for you PSVR players out there, this should be one truly remarkable experience.

2: It’s going back to its horror routes.

Who remember the first time they were left to explore the Arklay mansion for the first time? Or the zombies slowly walking from the flames of Raccoon City only to be terrified of what might be next. Don’t get me started on Nemesis or the Regenerators. Resident Evil is one of the best horror experience we gamers can get involved in, but there’s no hiding from the fact that the most recent entries into the series have transitioned from survival horror, to more action adventure. This did not sit well with some.

Resident Evil 7 however seems to be taking the player back to what made it popular in the first place, and immersing us in a truest survival horror environment with no signs of an unlimited ammo rocket launcher in sight!

The closed in location of the game, coupled with the first person perspective should truly be reminiscent of the first time we experienced the zombie reveal cutscene in the mansion.

3: The demo was pretty damn amazing!

Game demos are designed to give you a small taste of a full game, in the hopes that you’ll finally bite the bullet and part with your hard earned cash for the full experience. Sometimes demos are good and actually give a good representation of a game, and sometimes they’re just pretty damn bad. Resident Evil 7’s demo feels like an entire game on its own.

Whether you’re one of the people who has just recently played the demo on Xbox or PC, or whether you’ve been the continuing experience for months on PlayStation, you’ll know how much attention and effort went into giving us this small piece of the final product.

This demo not only demonstrates how good the game looks, feels and plays, but it also gives us multiple ways to play and even finish the demo, that can involves hours of gameplay and attempts. This isn’t just a small section cut from the game (as far as I’m aware), but it feels like a genuine start to finish experience, set in the world of the final product, which only gets me excited for what’s to come and how many different options were going to have in a fully fledged game.

Lemme tell you I’ve played both the final demo and a special PSVR demo, both of which got me even more excited than the last.

4: The game looks and runs stunningly.

If the demo for Resident Evil 7 is anything to go by, this is going to be one beautiful game. The new game engine that is utilised for Resi 7 gives us a hyper realistic world to explore, that won’t surprise me if it genuinely makes me feel weak or sick at any point.

It has also recently been confirmed that the game will to at 1080p, 60 Fps on consoles, and probably a lot more on PC.

Now fair enough this is more of a closed off game than an open world behemoth, so it is someone expected to run a bit better than other games, but you can’t argue with those numbers, and a smooth 60 Fps experience at 1080p in this new engine will be sure to blow our minds.

This article is in no way associated with Capcom or Resident Evil 7.

But hey, that’s just my thoughts on the upcoming Resident Evil 7 and why you should be excited for it to release.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be picking up this title, or hit me up on Twitter at any time!

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