New Skull Island posters show us the scale of the King!

I do love a King Kong story, shave the first 45-60 minutes from Peter Jacksons attempt and you’ve got one helluva movie. I’ve been following Skull Island ever since it was announced, especially due to the fact that this is now a shared universe where the mighty King will be taking on the King of the Monsters himself.

One question on everyone’s mind though is, how big will King Kong be? I mean Godzilla was freaking huge, and Kong has traditionally been able to climb the Empire State Building in about half an hour with a break in the middle, surely that’s not a fair fight?

Well Godzilla might just have met his match if these new Skull Island posters are anything to go by!

We have been teased for a while that this will be the biggest incarnation of Kong yet, but these posters show just for big the big guy will actually be. Spoilers, he’s enormous.

I especially love the poster with the helicopter in Kong’s face, and how minuscule we tiny humans are in the face of this giant ape like creature. The other poster is just as beautiful and intriguing, and only makes me more excited for the movie which is due out next March.

Godzilla vs King Kong just got a whole lot more interesting.

The question is however, what do YOU think about these posters? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter at any time.

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