The Joker revealed for Telltale’s Batman series?!

Telltale’s Batman series is pretty damn good in my opinion. I can see why some people might not have enjoyed it as much, or straight up hated it, but it seems to have mostly positive reviews and I for one certainly can’t wait for the rest of the series.

What a lot of fans have been curious about however is whether or not the Clown Pronce of Crime will make his grand appearance, and a few tweets coming from the horses mouth itself may have just confirmed this.

This short 30 second teaser shows Bruce Wayne in what seems to be a little bit of a pickle, with an all too familiar voice narrating the entire thing, followed by that signature laugh.

I’m not sure who voices The Joker in Telltale’s adaptation, however I do like the sounds of it, and they seem to have done a stand up job with that iconic laugh.

Other tweets from Telltale themselves have all but confirmed that the Joker will be making a grand appearance.

This is all very exciting, I loved this series so much I’ve been streaming each episode in its entirety so far, and I cannot wait to stream this.

This is a new take on the Batman mythos, in a new continuity and universe, so how Batman reacts and responds to this Joker is what’s most intriguing to me.

Stay tuned to Telltale’s Twitter tomorrow, or come back here for the full trailer, with the episode more than likely to follow next Tuesday!

Most important though is what YOU think about this news, let me know in the comments below, or hit me up in Twitter at any time.

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