Gears of War Movie officially announced!

If you were one of the thousands of people that watched the Gears of War 4 live stream last night, you will know that there was an official announcement for the Gears of War movie. I was not one of those people. Living in the UK the stream started a little bit later for myself, ‘work’ and ‘adult responsibilities’ took over my brain, as well as the marathon of Luke Cage on Netflix. When I awoke this morning however I was greeted with the wonderful, albeit slightly worrying news, that’s Gears of War is getting the movie treatment through a collaboration between Microsoft and Universal.

I love this news.
Gears of War was one of the first games I owned for the Xbox 360, Halo being the first, and I quickly grew this inseparable bond for the franchise that made me fall in love with it, and hard. The Gears franchise is one of the best, high octane, grittiest franchises that I have ever played, and I would love to see it on the big screen. I also realise I said the word franchise far too much in that paragraph. Franchise.
There have been rumours aplenty for years now surrounding a Gears movie, but I’m happy that they’ve finally decided to bite the (gnasher) bullet, and partner with one of Hollywoods biggest movie studios.
The only question now is, what will the movie entail? Well there’s actually a lot of questions, but will this be an adaptation of the games, or will it take place in another part or time within this universe? Will we see live action performances of Marcus, Dom, Baird and Cole? And you better hope that they add some form of Carmine in the movie who ultimately meets his early demise.
Video game movies have had a terrible time at the box office since video game movies were being produced, but with producer talent such as Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark guiding the ship, this brings a little ray of sunshine that it might be given justice.
What I’m most excited to hear about is who the hire to direct the beast, closely followed by who will be starting in it. I almost kinda hope that we get a new batch of characters in the movie, I just can’t bring myself to love a live action version of Marcus or the Cole Train, that don’t look exactly like the characters, but that’s just me being sentimental. I would love if they set it in this world with nods and references to the main characters from the game series, taking place in different locations, running concurrently with the games plots. One can only dream.
The question is however, what do you think about this news? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter, I spend my life there when I’m not playing Gears.

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