Deathstroke confirmed for Batman Solo Movie?!

Manu Bennett’s performance as Deathstroke on Arrow was fantastic, it had the right amount of grit, intensity, humanity as well as straight up bad-assery, which is now a word. Even since then people have been hoping and praying for another live action adaptation of the killer assassin, and now our prayers may have just been answered.

Ben Affleck, you know the guy who is about to drop the sickest Batman movie since Christopher Nolan, today tweeted out a roughly 27 second clip of what seems like Deathstroke test footage. Let me tell you something, this looks incredible. As much as I loved Deathstroke in the Arrow universe, I always kinda thought his costume could use a little tweaking and streamlining, other than that it was pretty perfect, but this costume looks like my dream version of an on screen Deathstroke, assuming it is the final vision of the costume.

The 27 second clip shows Deathstroke walking from what looks to be some sort of warehouse or cargo plane, looking like a complete bad ass, all while being cool, calm and sophisticated. This immediately for me so excited, with my blood pumping and my thoughts racing. Now it hasn’t been confirmed if Deathstroke will actually be a character or make an appearance in any future DCEU movie, but this is a safe bet that he will. It also doesn’t say whether he will show up in next years Justice League movie, or if he will be one of if not the main antagonist of Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie. Some sources are guessing he will show up in Justice League, but my guess is the Batman movie, and this is early screen tests to see how the character comes across for Affleck’s vision.
Although Deathstroke is traditionally an advisory of the Teen Titan, I would much rather see him square off against the Dark Knight in a solo outing, putting the two toe-to-toe in an epic on screen battle. There was also rumors a while back during the early stages of the DCEU that Joe Manganiello would be playing the live action cinematic version of Slade Wilson, but only time will tell.
Again all of this is purely speculation on my part, based on a 27 second clip of a bad ass Deathstroke walking and looking about, presumably for the Bat, because yeno, assassins and stuff. I’m curious to what you beautiful bastards think about this though, are you excited for a live action Deathstroke, and if so who would you like to play him and where would you like him to show up in this universe?
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