Empress #5 Review (Icon/Marvel Comics)

Publisher: Icon/Marvel Comics
Author: Mark Millar
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Release Date: 10th August 2016

So Empress #5 hits comic stores far and wide this week, and it continues the ever exciting and bar-raising story of our heroes who just can’t seem to catch a break. The story picks up straight after the events of #4, with Empress, Dane, Tor and Ship in a bit of a sticky situation in a race against the clock to save their skins from this new and hostile world they’ve teleported their way to. Millar does a fantastic job at keeping the stakes high and our hearts beating at twice their normal speed by putting the fate of our heroes in the hands of a sacrificing tribe who, you guessed it, are trying to sacrifice our heroes into a pit of a small chunk of hell.

Although the scope of this issue is a lot smaller than the previous, in the sense that we don’t visit as many places as the last issues, the pace is still upbeat and constant in a way that keeps you excited for what’s to come.
On the flip side of the universe, we follow the not kidnapped kids of Empress, as their being transported away to be auctioned to slavery. What I love about this story telling is that each characters abilities and strengths are being utilised in a way that makes sense, but they’re also put in situations where their abilities are beyond useless, which gives a deeper level to each character and also doesn’t make them overpowered to the point where you think “why don’t they just do this?”. Everything makes sense, and it is masterfully woven by the man that is Millar.
We also get another glimpse at King Morax who is tirelessly hunting down Empress and his kids, which shows how much of a proper savage that guy is, and the lengths he will go to. I can’t wait for the confrontation that’s been building up for five issues now, it’s going to be so amazing but so terrifying all at once.
Of course the artwork from Stuart Immonen is completely gorgeous as always, which is quickly making him one of my favourite artists working today. Immonen’s art perfectly compliments this universe, and what I love most is the level of detail he puts into each and every world we visit, even if we’re only there for a couple of panels.
Overall, Empress #5 continues this beautiful journey across the stars. The story just keeps getting better and better, and remains consistent regardless of the scope of each issue. Once again Miller leaves us with an absolute jaw dropping cliffhanger, which makes the wait for September so much longer. The art from Immonen is stunning, which only becomes more at home with every issue. Empress #5 should definitely be on your pull list if it isn’t already, do yourself a favour.

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