Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie to be set in Arkham Asylum?

One of my favourite video games to come out in the past decade is definitely Batman: Arkham Asylum. In fact, the entire Arkham series, from main title entries to the lesser known mobile games is one of the best video game franchises that we have ever seen, in my humble opinion. I remember the first time I downloaded the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum way back when on my Xbox 360. I remember it being something complete new with the hero that I loved, something that we needed as Batman fans and video game fans, and I’ll never forget the cliffhanger that the demo teased us with at the end. From that point on I was hooked. So it’s safe to say that a Ben Affleck Batman movie, set in Arkham Asylum, loosely based on the video game, which in turn is loosely based on the best selling graphic novel by Grant Morrison, makes me very excited.

First reported by Batman on Film, there are rumors suggesting just that. Now do take this with a massive grain of salt, just like all rumors surrounding the comic book movie world, but this does make sense and is something that I know a lot of people would love to see. Ben Affleck is one huge Batman fan who is likely to do the character and his world justice, and one way of doing that is by adapting highly praised source material. Now I’m not saying that is the only way to make a good movie, it really isn’t, but giving the fans something they want is always a good thing, if it is done correctly. Going with the information that the solo Batman movie will also contain a large number of villains from Batman’s rogue gallery, with also seems to fit in with this rumor.


This is the news that I like to hear, and is now something I hope happens when it comes to seeing Affleck’s Dark Knight on the screen in his first solo flick, but what do you think about this rumor? Do you like the idea or not, and have you played the Arkham series games before? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter, I pretty much spend my life there.

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