‘Batman – The Telltale Series’ Gameplay Trailer and Release Date!

We all know Telltale right? Those awesome guys and gals that make some of the best story driven video games to ever grace our PCs and consoles. Sure their earlier work might have been a bit ‘iffy’ for lack of a better term, but ever since the release of their first season of The Walking Dead, they’ve been a roll following with The Wolf Among Us, Tales of the Borderland, Season 2 of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones just to name a few. So when it was announced that Telltale were going to use their magic touch and fondle the world of our favourite Dark Knight, it’s safe to say excited was an understatement of how I felt that day. So many thoughts ran through my head, how would it look, how would it play, what would Batman look like, what other characters would be involved? Today however, all of those questions were answered as the first gameplay trailer for Telltale’s Batman was officially released!

This trailer is amazing. I loved it, I loved everything about it and I genuinely cannot wait to play this game. Not only do I love Telltale games but Batman is without a doubt my favourite superhero of all time, and I am loving what I have seen so far with this trailer. It gives us an idea of the tone of the game, the movement and how the game will look when in motion, as well as how the characters will sound which I love as well. If you can’t already tell I’m a little bit biased towards this game, but for good reason as it looks like it will be the best Telltale game since the release of The Walking Dead way back when. It should also be noted that this will not be a game similar to that of the Arkham series, this will be a much slower and grounded game, that will most likely focus on the detective work that Batman carries out as opposed to the beating up 100 guys in one go work. If you are familiar with the work that Telltale produces, then it will be that but with a shiny Batman skin and story on top, but that should be refreshing change of pace than what we are used to with Batman and other superhero titles.


What’s also awesome is that the first episode will be released in two weeks time on August 2nd, we have only two weeks until we get what looks like to be a beautiful piece of gaming in our grubbing Batman reaching hands.

Also listen very closely to roughly 1:53 in the trailer, and let me know what you think about that.

But I want to know what YOU think. Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter. You can also find all my other social media outlets under the ‘Social Side’ tab.


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