Empress #4 Review (Icon/Marvel Comics)

Publisher: Icon/Marvel Comics
Author: Mark Millar
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Release Date: 6th July 2016

There’s a reason why Mark Millar is considered one of the best comic book writers working today, and Empress #4 only cements that notion even more. The book picks up with Emporia and the rest of the gang stranded on Golgoth with no sign of escape in site. They’re later attacked, quite unexpectedly, by a group of Junkers who just happened to be on the planet at the same time, with Emporia now separated from her kids and taken prisoner along with Dane, Tor and Ship. Millar make great use of Ship’s ability to teleport to wherever he can see once again, in clever and unique ways that help them get out of the ever increasing sticky situations that they find themselves in. It’s not just a case of teleporting as far as Ship can see, they cleverly integrate the surround world into this in order to overcome enemies, and escape with a shop in tow, albeit a slightly battered ship.


Stuart Immonen’s art is once again incredibly in this issue, which kinda reminds me of Greg Capullo’s most recent run on Batman, which should be perfect for Millar’s upcoming series in October. The way Immonen’s can transport is from many different worlds and places in the universe with every turn of the page, all while keeping it familiar but completely fresh at the same time. The colour used in this book are also so vibrant and eye catching, it’s hard not to be in complete awe whilst reading.

Overall, Empress #4 is another outstanding issue in what is turning out to be a phenomenal series and quickly one of my favourites from Mark Millar. The story is great, and art is beautiful and the inks are spectacular, all while leaving us with another tense cliffhanger, on another beautiful world we have yet to discover.

Empress #4 is out July 6th 2016, and I highly recommend you pick it up.

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