Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #1 Review (Image Comics)

Publisher: Image Comics
Author: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quietly
Release Date: 29th June 2016

I loved Jupiter’s Legacy. It’s safe to say it was one of my favourite comics from 2013, and the year wait for the last issue was excruciating. When the last issue was released however, it left us with a massive cliffhanger on what was going to happen next. Not to say that wasn’t a good thing, it was, it was amazing, but that just made the wait for volume 2 so much more harder to endure. Today however, my prayers were answered, and I was lucky enough to read the first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy volume 2.


The fine people over at Millarworld sent a lovely little email to my inbox today, which I immediately opened and squealed, it was the first issue of volume 2 and I’ve got to say, it was amazing.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 picks up at the end of Volume 1, and continues the tale of our superheroes trying to round up their ragtag gang of super villains, in order to take down the other superheroes, who are actually the villains of this story (of you’re confused I urge you to read the first volume, it’s truly outstanding). The comic starts though with a throwback to how Hutch got his power rod from his dad, Skyfox, in a moment that is both touching and moving as we feel for this young kid and his super villain dad. The story then jumps to present day, and continues the attempts of Chloe, Hutch and their son in convincing the super villains of the world to band together in order to take down her brother Brandon, and her uncle Walter.

The story is as gripping as the first volume of Jupiter’s Legacy, perfectly paced, and keeps you hooked from page to page thanks to the masterclass that is Mark Millar. Couple that with the beautiful but eerie artwork of Frank Quietly, and you’ve got yourself a pretty much perfect start to the second volume of this phenomenal tale of heroes. The art of Frank Quietly is perfectly matched with this type of story telling, and if there is anymore harrowing scenes to follow on from the first volume then we will be in for some of the best artwork to grace the world of comics. This is old school comic book story telling at it’s finest, and I hope the wait for issue 2 isn’t too far off.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 is out on Wednesday the 29th of June, and I seriously urge to pick this up and add it to your pull list, I certainly will be even though I’ve already read it.

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