Watch_Dogs 2 officially announced with first trailer!

Now I know the first Watch Dogs wasn’t the most well received game to come out in the last few years, and I can see why with the problems the game had and the downgrade in graphics from the trailers, but I liked the game and I’m very happy with the official announcement of Watch Dogs 2 with the first official trailer to go along with that.

The first thing you’ll notice is how amazing this trailer looks, at times I genuinely thought it was real life and not a video game, and yes I know that the final game will look a lot different from this, but you can’t undermine the beauty of this trailer and how the city of San Francisco looks. It also appears that there are a number of hackers working for Dedsec this time round, which may mean we play as a number of different protagonists or maybe we have other hackers at our disposal to utilise during missions. What has been left out of the trailer is the protagonist of the first Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce, which would be a little disappointing is he is not at least mentioned in this sequel.

The trailer makes sure to emphasise the sheer amount of technology that is preset in every day San Francisco, and how much we will be able to control in our adventure, whether it be remote control cars, drones, on top of everything else from the first game, which makes me very excited indeed. Although I liked the first Watch Dogs, I am hoping that they pull an ‘Assassin’s Creed 2’ with this one. I really liked the first Assassin’s Creed, but the sequel completely knocked it out of the park and that’s what I’m hoping happens this time.

Let me know what you think about Watch Dogs, sorry Watch UNDERSCORE Dogs, and whether or not you are excited for this game which will be released on November 15th this year. Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter. You can also view the full trailer for Watch Dogs 2 below.

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