Injustice 2 – Officially announced with first trailer!

Today is a wonderful day for gaming, with the long awaited sequel to the phenomenal game “Injustice: Gods Among Us” has finally been announced, and not only that, we got our first trailer to go with it.


Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the best video games I have ever played, not just one of the best fighting games, one of the best games, ever. I sunk so many hours into that game, and if it wasn’t for me getting an Xbox One, I probably would have sunk so many more into it as well. The prequel comic series was also phenomenal in filling in some of the story that was left unknown to us through the game, which only left me, as well as many other fans of the game, wanting more.

Well today out prayers have been answered, with the official announcement of Injustice 2 from Netherrealm studios, along with the first official trailer. The game was accidentally leaked just a few hours a go via a picture of what looked like a poster for the game, and on the heels of this the announcement was made and the trailer released.


The trailer shows us what we loved from the first game, our favourite heroes battling and smacking each other into a bloody pulp, with a few new additions to the game and the roster. It appears that each of our heroes will have additional ‘combat armor’ that we will either be able to equip or work our way to up equipping during our fights, that will probably turn the tide in our favour for a period, similar to the special moves from the first game. What is interesting is that is seems that even our strongest heroes have this ability such as Superman and The Flash.

What was also officially revealed is the introduction of Supergirl into the world of the Injustice games, which is something the fans have been asking for now for a long time. This is just a pretty trailer that gets me excited for the game, now 2017 cannot come quick enough, what it doesn’t give any indication to is whether or not it follows the story of the first Injustice in any way, and if it does how long has it been between games.

I’m sure we will get some more information when it comes to E3 in the next few days, we might even get an early tech demo or game play, and maybe some more information on when this takes place, and how Superman got his powers back! You can watch the trailer below, but let me know what you think about this trailer below, and let me know if you are excited for it. Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter.

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