Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Blu-Ray released on August 1st!

One of the most anticipated movies of recent years hit our cinema screens in late March, and it’s about hit the shelves of your nearest Blu-Ray retailers on August 1st. That’s right, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being released on Blu-Ray and DVD this summer, and although it wasn’t exactly the movie that we hoped and wished it would be, there are many reasons to be parting with your hard earned cash for it.

The big thing fans are looking forward to the most is the extended cut of the movie, with 30 minutes of addition footage not seen in the theatrical cut, that may fill in a few plot holes, add more scenes with certain characters, and possibly make the movie a more cohesive piece of cinema. On top of that there are a number of bonus documentaries, the first titled: “Uniting the World’s Finest”, showcasing the creation of the new DC cinema universe as we know it today. Another documentary titled: “Gods and Men: A Meeting of Giants”, will detail how everything regarding the pasts of Batman and Superman have been leading up to this movie. “The Warrior, The Myth, The Wonder”, is a third feature that will take a closer look at Gal Gadot’s upcoming solo bout as Wonder Woman in movie to be released in 2018.

There will also be a feature surrounding the new Batmobile used in this DC cinematic universe titled:  “Accelerating Design: The New Batmobile”, and a short Superman movie called: “Superman: Complexity & Truth”, which to me is the most exciting piece of additional extras after the 3 hour cut of the main movie. This will be the first thing that I watch, I’m so intrigued about getting a deeper look into the world of Superman in this universe. There will also be a trio of similar features taking a closer look at creating the new costumes and character of Batman, as well as his new Batcave, and a the process of creating the new look and costumers of Wonder Woman, all respectively titled: Batman: Austerity & Rage”, “Batcave: Legacy of The Lair”, and “Wonder Woman: Grace & Power”.

There is also a feature detailing the physics of the epic fight between Batman and Superman in the movie, and how realistic the fights would be titled: The Might and The Power of A Punch”. Similar to the behind the scenes feature regarding the creation of the new Batman and Wonder Woman, there is also a feature showcasing Lex Luthor, titled: The Empire of Luthor”, and finally we have a segment called “Save the Bats”, showing the cast and crew of Batman v Superman taking a more real world look at the environment, and the damage that has been caused.

All of this information is of course reported over at HMV, where you can buy a limited edition, reversible steel book of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it is released this August.


It seems that we are getting a lot of special features with the release of this Blu-Ray, which I am more than happy about, especially with the additional 30 minutes of added footage, and the short movie starring Superman. It also screams to me that Warner Bros. feels the need to add all of these additional features, based on how poorly the movie was received by the general movie going audience, and critics alike, almost as an incentive to buy a movie they weren’t exactly ecstatic about. I for one really enjoyed the movie, I can see where it can problems, but I saw it twice in the cinema and I’ll definitely be buying this Blu-Ray when it is released.

What do you think about the announcement of all these special features, and will you be buying the movie when it is released August 1st? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter! You can find all my other social media outlets under the ‘Social Side’ tab.


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