First trailer for Assassin’s Creed movie released!

So the first full trailer for the Assassin’s Creed movie has been released starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard and spoiler alert, it looks pretty damn cool. Now I am a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I love the concept, the locations, the stories, and the game play is pretty solid for the most part as well, so I have high expectations for not only this trailer, but this movie as a whole. Especially because video games movies have the worst track record when it comes to one form of medium evolving into the movie world, but between this movie and Warcraft, that will hopefully change. Right off it has the same tone and general feel of Assassin’s Creed, you have the modern day aspect as well as the historical aspect, which is only set during the Spanish Inquisition. Michael Fassbender plays Callum Lynch, a man who is executed on death row, only to be brought to Abstergo, who then uses the Animus to access the memories of his Assassin ancestor, Aguilar.

Now there are some notable differences between the movie and the games, most of all the main character, it isn’t Desmond Miles nor is it any of the Assassin’s that we have grown to love and cherish over the years, as well as a brand new location for us to explore, but that’s not a bad thing, at least not to me. Video game movies don’t need to follow a video game exactly, and I like that they are taking some liberties with this. It may even exist along side the video game universe, but just at another location for another reason. What is also notably different is Abstergo themselves, as well as the actual Animus. It seems Abstergo are actually an ally of the Assassin order, as opposed to the usual Templar order, but this may just be a ruse similar to that of the first Assassin’s Creed game. The Animus is also a massive robotic arm that grabs our hero around the waist rather than a rather uncomfortable looking bed. It also looks like Michael Fassbender would be actually running around that massive room, almost like a simulator as opposed to just living and bleeding the memories.

The music is beyond garbage, please change that.

Overall I really liked this trailer, and I now have high hopes for the movie, especially with the talent involved both in front and behind the camera. I only hope the music in the finished product will be more melodic, akin to the Assassin’s Creed music. A score rather than a soundtrack. We have also yet to discover if the pieces of Eden will be the main driving force of the motives of the parties in the movie, I kinda hope they are. You can view the trailer below, but what did you think? You can let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.

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