Tom Hardy has a cameo in Star Wars: Episode 8!

Following in the footsteps of James Bond himself, it appears that Tom Hardy will have a cameo in the next Star Wars movie, as a stormtrooper. Akin to that of Daniel Craig, the Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant star will have a small speaking role in Episode 8 as a stormtrooper, according to Making Star Wars, they have also outlined the small scene that he is in to the best of their ability through the sources that they have. Warning, from this point on I will be talking about the scene that he is in, now we do not 100% know if this is how the scene will play out, but Making Star Wars have normally been pretty accurate with their stories and sources, so this may in fact be the case and therefore spoilers for the movie, granted they are small. If you want to go in to this movie without knowing the scene, then you should stop reading!


According to Making Star Wars, Finn (John Boyega) is on a secret mission for The Resistance when he is spotted by a stormtrooper, Hardy, who approaches him from behind. Rather than capture him or be hostile towards Finn, he smacks him on the butt, as he recognises FN-2187 from his academy training days. Hardy then congratulates him on his “promotion” to Resistance infiltrator and spy before going on with his duties.

Now this doesn’t really make much sense in regards to the plot of Star Wars from Episode 7 to Episode 8, but Making Star Wars speculates that The First Order, and more specifically Supreme Leader Snoke, General Hux and Kylo Ren, don’t want the information of Finn’s betrayal to be publicly know as this may cause sort of uprising within the ranks of the First Order or lower morale in any way, so Hardy’s stormtrooper is genuinely none the wiser when he bumps into FN-2187 during his secret mission. This again is all purely speculation though as this information has not been 100% confirmed, and we will only know for sure when the movie is released December 2018, but this cameo does follow the similar cameo that Daniel Craig had in Episode 7.

What do you think about this information though? I love that Hardy has a speaking cameo in the movie, he’s one of my favourite actors working today and is also one of the most talented who should have an Oscar already on his mantle. I’m still a little unsure about the nature of the cameo though, but if it turns out to be this small injection of comic relief, I’m happy with that.

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