Battlefield 1 Officially Announced by DICE and EA!

So they’ve done it, they’ve only went and done it. EA and DICE have officially announced what everyone has been asking for, a FPS set during World War 1. Well to be fair it’s set during an alternate World War 1 as opposed to the one that we all know in our history, but we got what we wanted, EA and DICE have delivered with this one. On Friday, May 6th DICE and EA officially unveiled the next installment in the Battlefield franchise simply titled Battlefield 1, with a full trailer, images, and information about the upcoming video game.


The trailer is phenomenal, packed with action, information, stunning visuals and an amazing remix of the White Stripe’s: Seven Nation Army. The trailer is filled with dog fights (the plane kind), tanks, mustard gas, trench warfare, old school artillery, weaponry and sword wielding, horseback riding manics. It’s nice to think that game developers and publishers are actually listening to the community and giving us what we want, instead of just giving us what they think is best. Battlefield’s level of destructive environments, huge map size, and ever solid game play, coupled with a World War setting is something that will be beautiful. Some of the in game shots of the trailer also looks absolutely stunning, and will only raise the bar for FPS gaming to come.

EA and DICE have also confirmed that Battlefield 1 will also boast 64 player multiplayer, which can be utter chaos, but utter brilliance, when it comes to Battlefield. The full trailer can be found below, as well as a gallery of images from the press release taken straight from the trailer itself. Battlefield 1 will launch everywhere on October 21st, 2016 on Xbox One, Origin for PC and PlayStation 4.

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