Robert Downey Jr. confirmed for Spider-Man: Homecoming!

So it appears that Spider-Man won’t be the only A-list Marvel hero in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Robert Downey Jr. has signed a deal to appear in the movie as Tony Stark/Iron Man. This is great news for Spider-Man, as it shows that Marvel has such confidence in the new incarnation of the character, that they are willing to let their flagship Avenger appear in a Sony picture. Granted Marvel will hold all the creative strings during this process, but it’s still nice to be reassured that they are happy with the Spider-Man they have so far.

Although I’ve not seen Civil War yet, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things, and this only boosts my confidence a little bit more. It also makes sense as the trailers seem to suggest that Spidey is on team Iron Man during the events of Civil War, so the continuing relationship between him and Iron Man is also reassuring for the movie.

Robert Downey Jr. recently renegotiated his contract with Marvel to appear in Civil War and both Avengers: Infinity War part 1 and 2. This new renegotiation is also comforting in the fact that Robert Downey Jr. isn’t done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe just yet, and I for one am more than happy to see him flying around in that tin suit as a supporting character in other movies that are not his own. No further information regarding this renegotiating was given, so RDJ could have agreed to appear in even more undisclosed movies as of yet, which only time will tell. Perhaps he will show up briefly in Black Panther or the further Spider-Man movies after Homecoming.

Variety is also reporting that Michael Keaton’s undisclosed role in the Spider-Man movie is looking less likely than before, and the chances that he will actually appear are the same as hi not appearing. I would be saddened to hear that Michael Keaton was not appearing in the Spider-Man movies, although rumours were speculating he would be Vulture, I think he would make a great Norman Osborn.


So what do you think about this news? Are you happy that Robert Downey Jr. will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming? What do you think about Michael Keaton’s possible (or not) casting as well? Let me know in the comments below, hit me up on Twitter, and let’s talk about movies!

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