Ben Affleck confirmed to be directing the standalone ‘Batman’ movie!

What we have been speculating and hearing rumours about over the past few weeks has finally been confirmed, Ben Affleck is set to direct the standalone Batman movie. During Warner Bros. pretension at this years CinemaCon, CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed that Ben Affleck will be directing the Batman movie, as well as writing and starring in it. No release date has officially been set for the yet untitled Batman movie, however sources point to an early 2018 release.

Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did not receive the critical response that Warner Bros. was hoping for, there is an argument to be made that Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne was the best part of the movie, which only increased the excitement for more of this character to be seen, and as soon as possible. It was revealed last week that Ben Affleck has written a Batman script, and with the confirmation of Affleck now directing his vision of the movie, it seems the next solo Batman outing will be done right, and do the character justice.

Ben Affleck is one of the best actor/directors working today, and his portrayal as Batman was very well received by both critics and fans alike. I strongly believe he will do the Batman movie justice, not only due to his talents and skill in the industry, but also because he is one of the biggest Batman fans out there, with a massive love and respect for the character and his stories.


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