Captain America: Civil War – Early reviews are amazing!

So Captain America: Civil War is only a matter of weeks away (I’ll get to see it a little early as I’ll be in Thailand during the release, yay!), but early fan and critic screening have taken place and the initial reaction to the movie is overwhelmingly and amazingly positive. Now the official review embargo is still in place at the minute, so these early reactions are purely from twitter, but they do come from reputable sources and online personalities that many people will be aware of. Now bare in mind that the early reactions to Batman v Superman were beyond amazing as well, and looked how that turned out. I didn’t hate Batman v Superman as much as a lot of people seem to have, but I didn’t think it was amazing either. In saying that though, the first tweets were from fans of the movie, as opposed to film critics and online reviews who we are more familiar with, but all movies are subjective so take these reactions with a massive grain of salt.

The early reactions praise the two new comers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving credit to both Spider-Man and Black Panther, which only makes me more excited for their solo outings. There’s also come love for Ant-Man as well, and the airport scene that is teased throughout the trailers is apparently the best and biggest action scene that Marvel has done in any of it’s movies, which only puts my brain into overdrive. Have a look at some of the early twitter reactions below:

So there we have it, those are just some of the early reactions to Civil War, and all from reputable sources which gives me hope that the movie is actually as amazing as it looks, but what do you think about all this? Let me know either in the comments below or hit me on Twitter, are you more or less excited for the movie and why? You can find all my other social media outlets under the ‘Social Side’ tab.


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