Ben Affleck has written a script for a solo Batman movie!

One of the shining things in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was definitely Ben Affleck’s take on Batman/Bruce Wayne, so it is absolutely thrilling to hear that he has apparently written a script for the first standalone Batman movie. The Hollywood Reporter is, well reporting, that Ben Affleck has completed a script for a potential future Batman movie, that he will more than likely direct as well. It was also recently revealed that Affleck’s original contract with Warner/DC is for him to appear in Batman v Superman, and both parts of the Justice League movie, but the chances of him continuing to don the cape are high, not only because he is such a good fit for the role, but he is also one of the biggest Batman fans out there.


I won’t lie, when Ben Affleck was first announced to be our next Dark Knight I was very skeptical like many others out there, but with each image and trailer that was released my opinion began to change, and then when I finally saw the movie I was fully on board with his take on the character, however brutal it may be. He plays both Batman and Bruce Wayne differently but also delivers such a great performance that I am so excited for his future in this new DC expanded universe. Not only is Affleck a great pick for the character in terms of his acting ability, but he is also a very talented writer and directer, and with him being such a huge fan of Batman and the whole DC universe, I am more than happy to leave my Batman baby in his capable hands. I believe a Batman movie written by Affleck will do the character justice and also deliver on who and what Batman is as a character. Coupled with him potentially directing the movie as well, this could turn out to be something truly special.


A standalone Batman movie has not officially been announced or slated by Warner/DC but we know it’s coming, it’s Batman. The praise that Affleck is receiving for his role will more than likely fast track the movie to be released much sooner than anyone is anticipating, so they can make the most of that sweet sweet Batman money magnet. What do you think about this news, and do you think that Ben Affleck is a good fit for not only Batman, but writing and possibly directing the solo Batman movie or movies. Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter.

TL;DR: Ben Affleck has written a script for a solo Batman movie, this is awesome news.

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