Batman v Superman: Early reviews are insanely positive!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not only one of my most anticipated movies of this year, but probably a lot of people’s most anticipated movie, with many die hard fans waiting decades to see these two giants duke it out on the big screen. We only have a few days now until the full release of the movie this Friday, but some lucky fans got to see it during it’s premieres in both New York and Mexico City over the past few days, to overwhelmingly positive responses. These overwhelming responses comes from Twitter, with many people saying that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the highlight of the movie, with many clapping and cheering during her introduction to the universe, with many others saying that Ben Affleck is now their favourite Batman/Bruce Wayne. Many people were also saying that Lex Luthor is fantastic in the movie, and that the entire thing is something you have to see for yourself.

One thing that many people, including myself, weren’t too happy about was definitely the 2nd full trailer they released, but according to the fans tweets, that is nothing to be worried about and that the movie gives us way more than what we have already seen. I was already extremely excited to see this movie, each day got me more and more hyped and these early ‘reviews’ have got me literally buzzing. Sure I was a Β little nervous about the movie, I wanted the characters and the story to be given justice, and I suppose I won’t know fully if they have been until I see the movie myself this Friday, but I can’t see me not enjoying this film. Check out some of the Twitter responses below:

So the early responses seem to suggest the movie and everyone in it is great, but with the critics review embargo lifting today, being the 22nd of March, we can get a better understanding of what is good and what is bad about the movie, and then we can judge for ourselves comes this week. What do you think about these early reviews, does it get you more or less excited for the movie? Let me know in the comments below, hit me on Twitter, or check out the rest of my social media outlets under the ‘Social Side’ tab.


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