Spider-Man reveal in the New Civil War Trailer!

It has finally happened, after years of speculation, rumours, and prayers from many Marvel fans, and just over a year from the official announcement of the deal between Marvel and Sony, we get our first official look at Spider-Man as he will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spoiler alter: I LOVE IT.

Okay let me start off this article by saying that Spider-Man is my favourite superhero from Marvel, and joint overall favourite which is shared with Batman. I grew up with him in the comics, the cartoons, and the movies, and now we have the most recent iteration of the character, so my expectations and hopes for this character to be given justice was pretty high, and so far with this small reveal I am delighted. I’ve seen mixed reactions to his suit, and how people think it looks too CGI, but this suit is ripped straight from the comics and the early cartoon shows, with just enough to make it different and modern. I also LOVE the fact that his eyes move, again just like the original comics and cartoons. I also like the addition of the black stripes every now and again, and the piping on the legs, overall I’m pleased with what Marvel and Sony has produced here, but again that is coming from a person who loves the character and has read the comics for years, and even before my time. If I had to make one teeny, tiny criticism, is that I wouldn’t be mad if they made his eyes a little bit bigger overall. That is not me saying I’m against the moving and narrowing, I love that, but if they overall made the eyes on his suit a little bit bigger is something that I would be open to. but not mad if they didn’t.


The one thing that I loved the most from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the suit, I thought they nailed that as well, so I was a little bit worried before this reveal. Although the suits are totally different, they are both amazing in their own rights, and are both faithful adaptations from different periods in Spidey’s comic book history. What is also noticeably different, and probably why a lot of people think it looks too CGI or ‘cartoony’, is that the webbing design and the Spider logo are more imprinted on the suit, as opposed to being protruding from the suit. The previous Spider-Man suits look like a base red and blue piece of lycra, with some rubber webbing and eyes stuck on top, which made it stand out more and did look fantastic in their own rights, but this suit is a little different as the webbing design seems to be more cohesive and ‘flat’, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s what makes it different.

The way he was introduced into the trailer as well was fantastic, and the shot of him holding Captain America’s shield and webbing his hands shut was perfect, followed by the cheeky Spider-Man line which is expectant of the character. I honestly believe Spider-Man is in good hands with Marvel and Sony and the character will be given the justice that he deserves. This reveal was perfect, and got me even more excited for a movie that already had my money several times over. I’ve also seen some people complain that they should not have revealed him in the trailer, but in all honesty the vast majority of the movie going public are not sweaty geeks like us, and probably did not know that Spidey was going to show his beautifully webbed face in this movie.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

Overall if you couldn’t already tell, I love everything about this, and is something that I cannot wait for even more, but what do you think about this reveal and the overall look and appearance of Spider-Man? Did it make you more or less excited, and if so why? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter.


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