Deadpool smashes the Box Office!

He done it. He only went a done it. Our favourite Merc with the Mouth has only went a smashed the box office with a $150 million opening weekend. The R-Rated comic book movie grossed $135 million over the 3 day weekend, and $150 million over the 4 day weekend, making it the biggest R-Rated opening of all time, which beats 2003’s ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, also taking inflation into account. Which astonishes me the most is that this is the biggest opening weekend for 20th Century Fox, including all of their previous X-Men movies, Days of Future Past grossing roughly around $90 million on it’s opening weekend. Taking into consideration that Deadpool was not available in 3D in North America, and that it is a solid R-Rated movie, makes it even more impressive as it lost money that it could have made through the 3D gimmick as well as a younger audience. It also topped some of Marvel’s biggest characters opening weekends such as Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man 1 & 2.

It is also being reported that it’s overall world-wide total for it’s opening weekend is roughly around $260 million, which absolutely blows my mind for an R-Rated comic book movie, that was not widely known by the majority of the world prior to it’s release. Also considering the movie is banned in China, the 2nd biggest market in the world, this is even more impressive.

Deadpool’s marketing campaign was one of the best, if no the best, marketing campaigns I have ever seen, not just for movies, for anything. It captured Deadpool’s character and personality perfectly, and got us excited for the movie without actually giving anything away, which is what a good marketing campaign should do. I am a huge Deadpool fan, and his comics are some of my favourites that I have read, to which they perfectly adapted to the big screen, which I give full credit to the writers, director, and especially Ryan Reynolds himself who has become Deadpool in real life. Giving that the movie had such a relatively small budget in comparison to other comic book movies, this is a big win for Fox, which can only mean good things for the announced Deadpool sequel, as well as any inevitable X-Force movie that may follow.

Now all we need is Deadpool vs Wolverine and our lives will be complete.


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