Will Boba Fett be in Star Wars: Rogue One?!

It is within the realm of possibility. So at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016, LEGO decided to show off some of it’s upcoming sets to be released which could have possibly revealed that our favourite Bounty Hunter in the galaxy will make an appearance in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology, sorry story, Rogue One. Well the image doesn’t show Boba Fett exactly, but rather than his infamous ship Slave I, and normally there is no smoke without fire. I would love to see Boba Fett show his masked face in Rogue One, the timeline fits, the story fits, and the character certainly fits the type of movie that we will be watching.


I personally would love to see Boba Fett turn up in Rogue One, and considering the movie is involving Bounty Hunters that steal the plans to the original Death Star, this certainly fits the character profile. Boba Fett is for hire, and whoever pays him the most he will deliver, perhaps he in involved in some way with the actual stealing of the plans? Or perhaps the Empire has wind of the Rebels attempted to steal the plans and sent Boba Fett to stop them? Perhaps it’s just a passing cameo or maybe he is part of some sort of Bounty Hunter trade union and our heroes need advice or gear, who knows? With the appearance of Darth Vader in the movie also, it would be great to see these two iconic villains on screen at the same time once again.


From the picture the set is due out in ‘Oktober’, so who knows exactly when that will be, but by that time I’m sure we will have seen out first official images as well as a teaser and full blown trailer to Rogue One, and we will have full confirmation on whether or not Boba will make an appearance. I would certainly much prefer this to a full blown Boba Fett movie, which I really do not want to see, but what do you think about these rumors and speculation? I think they’re true, and really hope they are true, but only time will tell. Holla at me in the comments section and let me know your opinions.

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