Could Darkseid appear in ‘Batman v Superman’?

Short answer, no. At least not physically in the main body of the movie, but we will discuss that a little later in the post. With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just little under 2 months away, DC and Warner Bros. found it fitting to release new images of the movie exclusively in the latest issue of Empire. These images are pretty spectacular, but one image in particular suggests that there is a bigger threat to our Justice Leaguing heroes than their current little lovers tiff.


Now to the average person this may just look like an awesome picture to get us hyped for the movie, and don’t get me wrong it is, but fans of the comics will notice the massive Omega symbol, which looks to be carved into the ground. The Omega symbol is one that is associated with Darkseid in the comics, with his Omega beams being one of his most devastating weapons in his life destroying arsenal, but who exactly is  Darkseid? He’s certainly not your household name like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. To put it simply, he is bad news, and is one of the Justice League’s most powerful villains that certainly takes the entire team to overcome. I may be committing some form of blasphemy here, but he is DC’s equivalent to Marvel’s Thanos.  Don’t worry, I am fully aware that Darkseid came well before Thanos and a lot of people claims Thanos is a Marvel rip off of Darkseid, but in today’s culture more people are aware of who Thanos is due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how popular it is. I certainly do hope that evens out however, and Darkseid eventually becomes just as popular, because he is certainly my favourite out of the two death loving super maniacs. What strengthens the idea that Darkseid will eventually make his cinematic appearance somewhere down the line, more than likely the Justice League movies, is the appearance of Parademons (the weird flying things) during the nightmare scene in the second trailer. Parademons are beings that originate from the planet Apokolips, the home of Darkseid, and are used to maintain order on the planet.


What really confuses me is the Superman troops and why Supes is so pissed with Batman. Of course this is a dream sequence and is not what happens within the movie, but the fact that Superman’s troops and Darkseid’s Parademons are in the same sequence has me a little stumped. It’s more than like Superman’s world, and then Darkseid takes the opportunity to attack, with Batman caught in the middle of it all, but regardless of what happens, it’s not what’s happening now.


Another theory which has came to light recently is that this may not in fact be Batman’s nightmare, and is in fact a vision of a possible future projected by Wonder Woman, to show Batman what may happen to the world if he does not resolve his differences with Supes. This would be a great way to actually have Wonder Woman in the movie without it seeming too forced, as well as providing a defining reason to why the conflict between the two most popular heroes should stop, and they should work together instead. I don’t believe we will see Darkseid in this movie, he may be mentioned, so may Apokolips, but the only chance we have would be a post credits scene teasing the big bad, similar to that of the post credit scene at the end of The Avengers with Thanos.

Whatever the case, we will find out in little under 2 months, which makes me excited to the point that I have to carry around a brown paper bag at all times. So what do you make of these images, and what do you think will happen in terms of Darkseid? Holla at me in the comments below and let’s get the theories running wild.



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Images courtesy of Empire and Warner Bros.


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