Deadpool early movie reviews are amazing!

So the sneaky folks over at Fox actually done something that the fans can be happy about, as they showed some very lucky people an early screening of Deadpool, without them realising that’s why they were there. That’s right, Fox offered to show some fans in both L.A. and New York some exclusive scenes from the movie, but little did they know they would be sitting down to enjoy the full feature with Deadpool himself appearing, albeit out of costume, and from the early reactions to these screenings, the movie is fantastic. Now if it wasn’t obvious enough I was not lucky enough to attend one of these screenings and have not seen the movie myself, so I’m pretty much going to show a few tweets of the people that did get the chance to see it, as well as give you my thoughts about what this means. Pretty much the vast majority of the audience loved the R-Rated movie in the X-Men universe, and said that it has the right balance of humor, violence, and surprisingly a lot of heart for the movie that it is. I am a huge Deadpool fan, he’s one of my favourite characters ever created, and hearing this news fills my heart with joy. The marketing campaign alone for this movie has been amazing, so hearing that the movie does not disappoint so far, gets me ever more excited to actually sit down and enjoy this piece of cinematic history in little over 2 weeks time. A few tweets from the lucky folk that got to see the movie:

Based on the few tweets above, it does seem that Deadpool hits all the marks when it comes to being a good movie, some saying it is phenomenal and it is their favourite Marvel movie to date, I’m assuming including the MCU and other X-Men movies. The last tweet has some minor criticisms, but if that is the only ‘bad review’ of the movie I could find, that says a lot for Deadpool. Now granted this is a small amount of people that have actually seen the movie and are writing about it, the true overall consensus of how people react to Deadpool will be seen in the next few weeks. As much as a fan I am, I don’t think Deadpool will be the best movie I have ever seen, but I’ve got a great feeling I will love this movie and will see it multiple times in the cinema.

In other news, Deadpool has been banned in China, their loss.

So what do you think about these early reviews of Deadpool, and has it changed your opinion in either way for the movie to come?


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