Top 10 Movies of 2015!

Okay so it’s 12 days into the New Year, and now I decide to write up my top 10 favourite movies of 2015. To be fair, I did make a video that was published on the 31st of December (which I’ll link below if you prefer to take the easier option and not read), I just haven’t had the time to write this beautiful article. A few things to get out the way, this my my list of my favourite movies and ones that I found most enjoyable throughout the last year, I am not saying that these are the best movies, as all art is subjective. If you agree then that’s great, if you don’t then that’s also great as you have seen cinema differently than I have, which is exactly what this industry needs. Also this list will not review the movies in any way (at least not in great detail) and will merely skim over my light thoughts of the film.Without further ado however, let’s jump into number 10.

10. Joy


Now the number 10 spot was a toss up when I made my video, it was between Joy and Carol. Both movies are complete different and completely great in their own context, but for me Joy just slightly tipped it, although I am inclined to change my mind on a daily basis. This was a solid movie with a solid plot and good performances. Sure it wasn’t my favourite movie of the year, not even my favourite movie from this rag tag group of movie buddies (that privilege goes to Silver Linings Playbook) but I did have a good time in the cinema with this movie.

9. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Now this was another close call when it came to the number 9 spot between two spy movies that I absolutely loved this year (the other is also on this list, so no peaking!). This movie came as an absolute, but warm welcomed surprise. I only recently watched Ghost Protocol before seeking this movie, and I gotta say they both blew me away. This was a fun movie, full of action and suspense, with great performances from the cast, which made me even more excited for Mission Impossible 6. When can you say you are legitimately excited for the sixth installment in a franchise?

8. Kingsman: The Secret Service


Did you look ahead? You better not have! This is the other awesome spy movie on my list that again blew me away with it’s execution. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of this graphic novel before the movie, which was written by the great Mark Millar (good Scottish lad), but it was a fun, fast paced, spy-action movie that got the blood pumping and the tears a flooding when the time called for it. If you haven’t seen this movie and you love a good time movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then please give this a watch.

7. Ant-Man


The final cog in Marvel’s phase 2 machine was a bigger movie than anyone expected. When 2014 finally ticked over to 2015 I could not wait to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sure I was excited to see this as it was Marvel, but it was second in my mind to the Avenger. That mindset has totally switched after seeing both movies, Ant-Man is superior to Avengers in every way in my opinion. Not saying that the Avenger’s was bad, no no no, it was a great movie as well, but Ant-Man hit every note just a little bit higher, and is in my top 3 Marvel movies to date.

6. Ex Machina


This is a sleeper movie if I ever did see one, that I am overjoyed to have experienced. A small indie movie with incredible talent, that tells a compelling but stunning story and makes you ponder what humanity really is. It is full of suspense, intensity, and it put the genuine fear into me when every scene as I was not sure what was going to happen next or what to believe.

5. The Revenant


First let me say that I adore the poster for this movie. Secondly let me say that I love this movie (not quite adore). Birdman was possibly my favourite movie of last year, and hearing that the director of that movie was now directly both Leo and Tom in a movie about revenge, it had me hooked from the start. This movie is a slow burn to begin with, and can be slow at some times, but keeps you engaged the entire way and gets you genuinely excited for the revenge that Leo has planned on Tom. The performances all around are excellent, and I firmly believe that this is Leo’s year for the Oscar shaped hole in his heart to be filled.

4. Inside Out


This is a beautiful movie with a beautiful message that I genuinely believe was aimed more at adults than it was at kids. Sure it’s a kids movie, but the message behind makes you realise what life is and that your emotions, all of them, are an intricate part to what makes you a person. This is one of the best Pixar movies ever, and is definitely up there with my personal favourites. It leaves it open to a sequel, but at the same time ties the story up in a beautiful manner with a shiny bow on top.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road


This movie belongs to the mad, and mad this movie is. Also beautiful. At 70 years old George Miller created one of the most stunning movies I have ever seen. I had never seen the previous Mad Max movies (still haven’t) but this movie just looked fantastic with a stellar cast and some of the best special effects I have ever seen. I adored this movie in the cinema, and if the rumours of a black and white re-release are to be believed, I will definitely be queing up to see it again.

2. The Martian


Bring Him Home. I shall be bringing Matt Damon home on Blu ray when this stellar movie is released. Normally when a movie based on a book is coming out I will run out and read the book first to see how it compared, but this time I didn’t and I am so happy that I didn’t. This movie was my favourite movie of the year for a very long time, and for good reason. It has a compelling and gripping story that grips your heart and your funny bone, with amazing performances from all and a spectacular looking Mars that is genuinely believable. It hits you right in the feels, and then right in the stomach with laughter that isn’t forced and is very well timed.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Yep, this movie was my favourite. I love Star Wars, it is one of the best movie franchises that has graced the good earth and filled the hearts of millions for years. This is the movie that I have genuinely had the best experience with and the most fun with in 2015, and have seen multiple times in the cinema, and plan to see it multiple more times before it’s run ends. I won’t say much more as it is still fresh in cinemas and I don’t want to spoil this fantastic movie for anyone who has not seen it. Go see this movie now.

So there we have it, those were my favourite movies of 2015, what did you think? Let me know below and let’s get a discussion going, and if you want to watch an animated video of this list then please watch the video below. Some honourable mentions would go to Steve Jobs, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, The Gift, and Carol.

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