First look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange!

So we finally have our first look at Benedict Cumberbacth as the Sorcerer Supreme in these stunning six images published in Entertainment Weekly.  Now I’ll hold my hands up high and be the first to admit, I know very little about this character, but the talent they have both in front and behind the cameras, as well as Marvel’s almost perfect run with the MCU, I am pretty excited for this installment in the franchise. Dr Strange will be the second movie to lead us into Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will be released late next year, and after seeing these photos as well as the stellar cast they have attached, my excitement for this installment has grown substantially. I am a big fan of the Marvel movies so far and was also going to see every installment that they released regardless of how well I knew the characters. Now don’t get me wrong I do know the basics of the character as well as his origins, but from all the movies released so far as well as the ones mentioned to come out, Dr Strange is definitely the one I am the least in the know about.


Benedict Cumberbacth is one of the most talented actors working today, and one of my personal favourites. He always bring a stellar performance and always brings a new level of charisma to his characters. His run on Sherlock is one my personal favourite things that he has done, as well as being one my favourite TV shows of recent years, and although I don’t know much about the Sorcerer Supreme, I think of Sherlock when I think of the character. I like how magical and mystical these images are as well, it gets me excited to think that this phase of the MCU is delving into the supernatural and is bringing a new layer to the cinematic powerhouse that is vastly different to anything we have seen before with the Avengers. I believe we will see a first teaser for the movie sooner than we think, with the first full trailer being attached to Captain America: Civil War, but what do you think of these first images of Benedict as Doctor Strange? Holla my way in the comments and check out the rest of the images below!



Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and original source can be found here:

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