5 Questions we have after seeing The Force Awakens!

Okay this post is going to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens, if you have not seen this glorious piece of cinema as of yet, please do yourself a favour and go see it, then come back and read this riveting article.

The Force Awakens, as it stands, is my joint second favourite Star Wars movie after Empire, and tied with A New Hope. I absolutely loved this movie, and one of the things that made me love it was how many questions it left unanswered. Normally this would be an annoyance when it comes to cinema, but the nature of these movies and the way they set up the sequels and left the questions hanging made the unanswered questions work for this movie and effective in building up the hype and excitement for the future episodic installments.

Who is Max Von Sydow/Lor San Tekka?

When veteran actor Max Von Sydow was cast in The Force Awakens, there was massive rumours and speculations on who he would be playing. Would he be Supreme Leader Snoke? Perhaps another member of the First Order? Or even an old and wise Jedi from times past? Turns out he was a villager on Jakku and is killed off within the first 15 minutes. Now that’s not to say that is a bad thing, it does serve the story, but before he meets his demise at the hands of Kylo Ren, it appears that he knows who is he and what has happened to him. He also has a piece of the map that leads straight to Luke Skywalker and is knowledgeable when it comes to our heroes and the republic. Hopefully we will dive more into his backstory in future installments, even just to shine some light on the matter.


How did Maz Kanata get Anakin’s/Luke’s Lightsaber?

The Force Awakens introduced us to a new but wonderful character in the form of Maz Kanata. If Han Solo is to be believed, Maz has been roaming the galaxy for one thousands years, give or take, and knows a thing or two about the force and pretty much everyone else in the movies. When our heroes find themselves seeking the help of our new little friend, Rey is drawn into the basement by none other than Luke and Anakin’s old lightsaber, which is perfectly placed and stored in a vintage wooden box. When he touches said lightsaber she has a force vision of what seems to be what has happened, and what is yet to happen, but leaves us with the burning question, how did Maz get such an item after it was lost in The Empire Strikes Back? Again hopefully something that will be answered in the future installments, perhaps even by Luke Skywalker himself as Rey has now brought him his old lightsaber. I wonder what happened to his green one?


Is Captain Phasma alive?

Well Kathleen Kennedy has already confirmed that we will be seeing Captain Phasma again in the future episodic movies, however how she survived or what even happened to her is a complete mystery. When the good Captain is taken captive by our heroes Han and Finn, Han seems all too eager to send her down a trash chute and into a trash compactor, perhaps a little revenge from the original Star Wars. We don’t even see what happens to her after this is suggested and she is never seen or mentioned of again for the remainder of the movie. Chances are she either escaped whatever situation our heroes put her in, or she was rescued and fled the exploding planet with Kylo Ren and General Hux. It would be cool is she actually escaped and got to freedom on her own, and hopefully this is mentioned and referenced to when she inevitably bumps into our heroes once again. Gwendoline Christie described Captain Phasma as akin to Boba Fett, hopefully this shows in future installments.


Is Supreme Leader Snoke actually Darth Plagueis?

Rumours have been wild when it comes to Supreme Leader Snoke’s true identity, and the vast majority of Star Wars fans believe him to be Darth Plagueis in disguise. Darth Plagueis, for the uninitiated, was the master of Darth Sidious (Psst. The Emperor), who was so strong in the force that he was able to cheat death. Somehow The Emperor was able to kill him in his sleep, and he was briefly mentioned in Revenge of the Sith but has yet to be seen in any capacity in live action. Based on books that are now part of ‘Star Wars Legends’ the description of Darth Plagueis does match how Supreme Leader Snoke appears in the Force Awakens, as well as shares some characteristics. Many fans, including myself, do believe this theory and would be very happy if this was the case. If he turns out just to be a guy called Snoke who has worked his way up the corporate ladder to become Supreme Leader, then I suppose that’s fine as well.


Is Rey’s last name Skywalker?

One of the most speculated theories prior to the movie was released was whether or not Rey was the daughter of Luke Skywalker. A lot of fans, including myself, believed this and after seeing the movie several times, I believe that this is true even more. I won’t go into too much detail (that can be saved for an entire post on it’s own) but the evidence suggesting it is hard to deny. I am 95% positive that Rey is in fact Rey Skywalker, daughter of Luke Skywalker, but it is within the realm of possibility that it is just massive coincidence. Both Luke and Rey’s backgrounds and stories draw parallels to one another in terms of both A New Hope and the Force Awakens, and the fact that Luke and Anakin’s lightsaber ‘calls’ to Rey is another major factor as to why this theory is true, a family heirloom as such.  Also the fact that she is an awesome pilot, as well as super strong in the force without having any prior training (that we know of) seems to suggest that the Skywalker blood line is strong with the force.


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