Hideo Kojima starts new studio; “Kojima Productions”

Hello my fellow gamers! Its official, after months of trivial divorce proceedings, Hideo Kojima has official left Konami and has started his own studio, aptly named Kojima Productions, and is working on a new game exclusive to the Playstaion. What a win for gamers. Although I am an Xbox owner, and admittedly a little gutted that Kojima’s first game after the ‘incident’ will be a Playstaion exclusive, I am also over the moon that this genius mind will be able to work on games again and bring us wonderful stories and beautifully crafted pieces of art. It doesn’t matter that his first game will not come to the Xbox, the fact that this guy can bring gamers joy in any way is a massive win for the community, and something that deserves to be shared, exclusive or not. I’m hopeful that his future games will be multi-platform so we get to play his creations first hand, but if not I’m just happy this is something that the world gets to enjoy whether they are playing it or not.

Konami has gotten a lot of bad press recently, and for good reason, and it now appears that the reason Kojima did not attend the Video Game Awards is because Konami had him locked in their basement. That beard though. The fact that is new studio is also called Kojima Productions is a massive middle finger to Konami as well, I mean look at the new bad ass logo for it.


Whether Kojima makes games for every platform every created, or whether he makes it for one person and one person only, the fact that he will be making games again is fantastic, and something gamers all over the world, regardless of what console you own, should be happy about. As the video says, he is one of the most celebrated game developers in history.

The full announcement video between Andrew House and Hideo Kojima can be found below.

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