Fallout 4 – Easter Eggs and Secrets!

If there is two things I love in games it’s Easter Eggs and Secrets. Well I love a lot more than just those two things, but they are pretty sweet, and it’s even sweeter when you stumble across a well-placed Easter Egg that you weren’t hunting, only to have a crystalising realisation of what has just happened. Easter Eggs are pretty commonplace in a lot of games these days, but games that absolutely take the cake are RPGs, and Bethesda RPGs take the cake and eat it too. Whenever a new Fallout or Skyrim game comes out, you can bet your bottle caps that it will be littered with literally hundreds of Easter Eggs and Secrets for the gamer to find whether they are seasoned hunters, or new players who happen to come across the skeletal corpse of Indian Jones in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.


Although I am nowhere near finished with Fallout 4, I have come across some of my favourite Easter Eggs that I have compiled into a neat little list in the video found below. I imagine that there are 100’s left that have been discovered and undiscovered as of yet, but to date, the list is my favourite. Let me know what your favourite Easter Eggs and Secrets are from Fallout 4 so far, and let me know what your favourite’s are from other games, either from Bethesda or entirely different companies.

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