The Scariest Glitches in Video Games.

Ah video games, how I love thee. It’s not an uncommon occurrence when things sometimes go wrong, either in the form of pixel drops, framerate issues, but most commonly is glitches. Now a lot of the time glitches in video games are a slight annoyance at best, they don’t make too much of an impact on your favourite world to dissappear into, but sometimes things can be a little more sinister. Glitches can also be hilarious at times, as well as exploited to give a player or a team an advantage on the battlefield, take the infamous crab walk glitch in the original Gears of War for example. A lot of the time these glitches will pass in a few seconds or minutes, and not make any real impact to our gaming experience, but every now and again some glitches can leave us feeling a little uneasy or a little too scared to continue. I happen to like this subject a lot, so in the nature of things I decided to count down my “Top 5 Scariest Glitches in Video Games”, which you can watch below!


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