The best video game marketing campaign ever?

I love Halo, I strangely love marketing (Business graduate here) and in my opinion, the Halo 5 marketing campaign is one of the best I have ever seen. It does the perfect job of hyping the game not only for long term and existing Halo fans, but also builds the hype for new players to not only the franchise but the Xbox as a console itself. Being a massive Halo fan I feel this does the franchise justice, and gets me excited on so many levels that I cannot wait to take control of that beautiful green, armor clad Spartan once again, but can also see why and how it would appeal to new players coming into this world. They have done this superb job of making it seem that we are a part of that world, and that the Halo universe is something that we exist in and is happening all around us now. Everything from the Podcase (Hunt the Truth), so the posters, live action trailers, and murals painting up and down the country, does a fantastic job at making us feel a part of the journey, as well as just getting us generally excited for a new video game we play when we’re bored or relaxing.


If you haven’t listened to the Hunt the Truth podcast, do yourself a favour and listen to it now. If you haven’t seen the trailers, watch them and see how much effort and love has been put into them. This isn’t the first Halo game that has offered us live action trailers, and I hope it doesn’t end any time soon. I’m gonna stop rambling now, but if you’re interested in anything else I have to say regarding this, then you can check out the video I made which I will link below this, or you can check me out on all the relevant social medias, under the “Social Side” page. Peace out gamers.


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