So I bought a Playstation 3.

I’m a gamer, I always have been and if I have my way I always will be. More specifically I’ve always been an Xbox gamer. Sure I had a PS1 and PS2 before the Xbox was invented, but as soon as that beautiful black and green box was released I was hooked and our love affair started there. As expected I fell away from the Playstation, not because it’s a bad system or I hate sony, I just prefer the Xbox and it’s exclusives, and the vast majority of my friends also had a Xbox. That’s not to say that I wasn’t slightly jealous of the exclusives that I couldn’t play and if I’m honest. When the current generation of consoles dropped on us back in 2013, of course I was going to snap up a Day One Xbox One, and I am in love with that system to this day, but it also gave me an idea that would allow me to play some of the great exclusives on the rival system, buying an older generation console! It only took me a further two years, but I have recently purchased a PS3 (for a very good price of £92 with 8 games and two controllers mind you) and i’m absolutely loving it. The main reason I wanted a Playstation was for the Uncharted series, and The Last of Us, among other exclusives I may pick up at some point.


The bundle I bought conveniently came with The Last of Us, and although I’m not super far into it (I’ve just met Ellie), I love the atmosphere and the story so far, and know I’m going to love it. In terms of the other reason I bought this system, Uncharted, I’ve got a feeling I’ve almost finished the first, and absolutely love that game too. I’ve heard the second is the best, with the other two still being great, so cannot wait to get there. I’ve heard the old argument that Lara Croft is a poor mans Nathan Drake and vice versa, but in my opinon both are very different games, with similar themes and gameplay mechanics, but I could place both back-to-back and feel like I’m playing a different game. Am I still an Xbox loyal and favour that system over the Playstation? Sure I am, but I am certainly in love with the Playstation as well, and I’m almost tempted to branch into the PS4 when I’m done with the PS3 exclusives. Oh I almost forgot, currently also playing through Demon’s Souls since I loves the Dark Souls series and fairly enjoying that as well, but thats enough rambling from me, peace out gamers, let’s love one another regardless of what systems we play, and let’s bond over our love for them.

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